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We would like to introduce and managed professionally with dedication to provide Stringent quality standards.


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Sitec Technologies finds itself growing into one of the best resellers of computer peripherals today. In a highly competitive market, Sitec Technologies? substantial growth is greatly benefiting the corporate and reseller market we cater to. We at Sitec Technologies uphold customer satisfaction as our topmost priority and want you to know that perfection remains in the fore front of our philosophy. Since our inception, our commitment to our customers, employees and community is, and always has been, paramount.

Mr. Seyed Ibrahim, founder Sitec Technologies, has been able to grow Sitec Technologies not only into a premier computer distributor but also is responsible for having expanded its product offering and for being one of the best service providers in the industry. With a strong technology background he is able to craft his vision into tangible new products and services which have led to our impressive growth.